It all started with the failure of UK air traffic control services on 12 December 2014. As a consequence of the system failure, all departures from London airports and all departures from European airports that were planned to route through affected UK airspace were stopped. My British Airways flight BA958 from London Heathrow to Munich was one of the many cancelled flights.

Luckily, I was not affected by the 48-hour delay that easyJet passengers of flight U29066 (EZY9066) from Fuerteventura to Bristol had to endure. But just reading about it makes me angry.

When my wife and I think about holidays, it’s usually some exotic places that come to our minds first. But recently, we decided to spend a few days hiking in the Bavarian Alps. Although I’m born in Bavaria (whereas my wife is from Northern Germany), I think she has probably more experience with hiking in the Alps.