When my wife and I think about holidays, it’s usually some exotic places that come to our minds first. But recently, we decided to spend a few days hiking in the Bavarian Alps. Although I’m born in Bavaria (whereas my wife is from Northern Germany), I think she has probably more experience with hiking in the Alps.

Anyway, for the Easter weekend this year, we decided to go to Bayrischzell, not knowing exactly what to expect there. It turned out to be an absolute fabulous holiday.

Bayrischzell offers plenty of hiking routes even in the winter. We had lots of fun, hiking through snow covered parts as well as through the less snowy bits. It’s actually the combination that made it most interesting.

My favourite tour was one that took us from Bayrischzell via Hochkreut to Osterhofen and then around the Seeberg back to Bayrischzell. We enjoyed wonderful views, a bit of snow and came across plenty of waterfalls. The tour on which we managed a total ascent of 500 metres took us (including breaks) a bit over five hours.

As we started late in the day, it was time for dinner when we made it back to Bayrischzell. As on most evenings, we went to the Gasthof zur Post that offers good down-to-earth food at great value for money.

Another tour that I really enjoyed was from Schliersee to the remains of the Castle Hohenwaldeck. We just took the BOB-Bahn (the local train) from Bayrischzell to Schliersee and set off from there. After the hike and before returning to Bayrischzell, we enjoyed a swim in the local swimming pool. I guess in summer, you could alternatively take a swim in the lake.

By the way, taking the BOB-Bahn is probably the easiest way to get to Bayrischzell. It takes about one and a half hours from Munich. Speaking about practicalities, we stayed at the Hotel Alpenrose in Bayrischzell which we enjoyed because of its modern style incorporating traditional elements and because of their great breakfast.